Safety Committee


The mission of the Safety Committee is to identify and investigate safety concerns facing the residents and patrons of the Village of Midlothian.  This mission includes improving the community and giving residents and patrons a mechanism to address safety concerns throughout the Village.  After identifying and investigating safety issues, the Committee summarizes findings and makes recommendations to the Village Board of Trustees.

As example, but not all inclusive, the Committee can make recommendations on:

  1. Traffic concerns
    1. School crossings/children’s safety
    2. Speed bumps
    3. Stop signs
    4. Crosswalks
    5. Changing traffic flow
    6. Parking
  2. Buildings, Streets and Public Ways
    1. Dangerous sidewalks
    2. Poor lighting conditions
    3. Dilapidated public areas and streets
    4. Abandoned buildings
    5. Unkempt homes or lots
    6. Overgrown vegetation and trees
  3. General Safety
    1. Concerns between business owners and residents
    2. Concerns between residents
    3. Rodent control
    4. Ordinance modifications or changes pertaining to public safety