Commissions & Committees

Midlothian Commissions & Committees

Commission / Committee
Trustee Liaison
BeautificationBarb Killelea, ChairmanTrustee Killelea
Community Policing and SafetyFrank Cichon, ChairmanTrustee Crowley
Community ServiceTerry Stephens, Chairman
Trustee Killelea
Dave Krell, Director
Trustee Crowley
Events CommitteeBarb Vaughan, ChairmanTrustee Johnson
Finance CommitteeDon Killelea, Chairman
Trustee Killelea
Fire and Police CommissionJoe Jones, ChairmanTrustee Crowley
Historical SocietyMarsha Giggleman, ChairmanClerk Moskal
Keep Midlothian BeautifulKathy Caveney, ChairmanTrustee Caveney
Mid-Mark Water CommissionJerry Gillis, Sr., ChairmanTrustee Killelea
Plan CommissionLouis Ceja, ChairmanTrustee Caveney
Veteran's CommitteeDave Twombly, ChairmanMayor L'Heureux
Zoning Board of AppealsJerry Gillis, Sr., Chairman
Trustee Caveney
Karen Kreis, Chairman