Snow Plowing and Salting

Midlothian Public Works takes pride in providing our residents with safe streets even in the most trying of winter conditions. It is our goal to be prepared and in front of all snow events. The Department has well-trained, experienced employees that understand the importance of Public Safety for both our residents and emergency vehicles. Please note the following to Help Us Help You!

  • First and foremost, pull your cars in your driveway. Our Police Dept. much prefers compliance over enforcement, but please understand we will enforce the law.  When 2” or more of snow is on the ground or expected to fall, pull your cars in the driveway.
  • From start to finish, a snowplow operation in the Village takes 6 hours to complete once the snow has stopped!  Leave your cars in the driveway for the duration of snowplow operations.  It is easy to see when plowing is completed.  Public Works has plowed right to the curb allowing you to park with no danger of getting stuck. Yes, this is when we plow in your driveway, but the end result is far better for Police and Fire accessibility, school buses, garbage & Recycling pickup and simply making it easier to drive the streets of your neighborhood.
  • Remove your emptied garbage cans as quickly as possible.
  • Its no secret salt has become very expensive and scarce from time to time.  In the past it has been our policy to salt the entire street. However, most often, especially now there may be situations when we only salt intersections, schools, hills etc. in an effort to conserve.

Important Information

  • Pulaski Road and 147th Street (Route 83) are maintained by Cook County Highway and IDOT, respectively. This means all snowplowing, salting and pothole & paving operations are not the responsibility of the Village.