Midlothian Public Works (MPW) maintains over 45 miles of streets within the village. This includes everything from sidewalks and street lights to trees and snowplowing and salting operations. It is a daunting task made even more difficult with dwindling funds in a tough economy. The Motor Fuel Tax finances 90% of the repairs to our streets and sidewalks and, like most things these days, the cost of paving a street increases as the means to pay for it decreases.

Additional Information

  • Pulaski Road and 147th Street (Route 83) are maintained by Cook County Highway and IDOT respectively. This means all snowplowing, salting and pothole and paving operations are not the responsibility of the village. 

Street Lights

MPW is also responsible for street light maintenance throughout the village.

  • You may report a street light out by contacting Midlothian Public Works at (708) 389-9658.
  • Please be advised if the street light in question is on a wood pole, then Commonwealth Edison is responsible for its repair, but our office will pass that request forward on your behalf.