Water Quality

Water Source

Midlothian receives its water from the City of Chicago and Lake Michigan via direct lines installed in 1970. The Water Department monitors pumpage of 1.4 million gallons of water per day from the Edward J. Williquette Distribution Plant. The pump station is constantly being upgraded with the latest computerized technology to provide the best service possible to Midlothian residents and businesses.


Our water is tested weekly at a state certified lab from samples taken throughout the village. We follow stringent mandates dictated by the Illinois and US Environmental Protection Agencies to assure safe and pure drinking water for Midlothian residents. Annually, the department provides the residents with a Consumer Confidence Report (Water Quality Report) detailing the quality of our pump station water. View archived Water Quality Reports

Consumers may also view detailed test results in between reports by accessing the IEPA Water Watch site at any time.

Water Mains

The Water Department also inspects, maintains and repairs 49 miles of underground water mains in town, along with over 500 fire hydrants attached to those mains. It is a difficult task at times, as water main breaks are part of an aging American infrastructure. Midlothian is no exception to the rule, as we have water mains that were installed   

in the 1930’s. The Village Board is acutely aware of the importance of replacing our water mains and steps are being taken to initiate a capital improvement program that will replace some of our oldest mains based on a worst first scenario.

Additional Tasks

Reading, maintaining, and replacing of residential and business water meters is also handled by the water department. 

Water Billing Information