Crime Free Multi-Housing Program

Crime Free Multi-Housing Program

The Midlothian Crime Free Multi-Housing Program, designed to help residents, owners and managers of rental units keep drugs and other illegal activity off their properties, has been in effect in the Village since January 1, 2012. The program requires landlords to:

  • Obtain an annual business license under the program
  • Attend a training seminar conducted by Village staff
  • Add the Crime Free Housing Lease Addendum on their tenants’ leases

The program is a nationally recognized, effective way to reduce crime in rental properties. It utilizes a unique, three-part approach which ensures the crime prevention goal while maintaining a resident-friendly approach. This program covers all residential rental units, including apartments, single-family homes, individual condominiums and townhomes. The program includes:

  • Phase One: This involves a mandatory eight-hour seminar presented to landlords and property managers by the Midlothian Police Department.
  • Phase Two: This optional phase certifies that rental property has met the security requirements for the residents’ safety.
  • Phase Three: An optional resident crime prevention meeting will be conducted for full certification. A “safety social” also is offered in which all residents are invited to meet with the police and discuss the program.

The program's training for landlords and managers focuses on:

Prevention and Applicant Screening

  • How code compliance (preparing the property) can protect landlord rights
  • Benefits of applicant screening
  • Tips to strengthen rental agreements
  • How to become a proactive manager
  • Maintaining a fire safe environment
  • Developing life and safety awareness

Drug Nuisance Awareness

  • Warning signs of drug activity
  • Actions to take if a resident or resident's guests are conducting illegal activities on the property
  • Role of the police
  • Crisis resolution and the eviction process

When drug criminals and other destructive residents operate out of rental property, neighborhoods suffer and landlords pay a high price. The Midlothian Crime Free Multi-Housing Program is designed to enhance the safety for rental property tenants, managers, landlords, the surrounding neighborhood and the entire community.


As a property owner, it is your responsibility to educate yourself on any and all laws regarding rental properties. The information provided here should be considered a beginning to your research. Click here to read the law.

Changing/Re-Keying Locks
Be aware that a state law went into effect on Jan. 1, 2012 regarding changing or re-keying locks on units in certain buildings. Click here to read the law.

Cook County Landlords
A law for Cook County landlords states that no discrimination is allowed for Section 8/Voucher holders.