Patrol Division

Principles of Policing
These are the principles by which we will police the Village of Midlothian.

The policing strategy we use must preserve and advance democratic values.

All societies must have a system for maintaining order. In the United States, police officers must not only maintain order, they must do so in a manner consistent with our democratic form of government. Therefore, it is incumbent that we operate in such a manner that not only preserves, but also advances, the democratic values of our country.

The Midlothian Police Department will utilize the community policing strategy in performing its mission.

Community policing is a strategy that is based on the following concepts:
  • Police must aggressively prevent crime and disorder.

  • The line officer must be empowered with greater freedom to make decisions about what is to be done, and how he or she will do it, in order to contribute to accomplishing the mission of the department.

  • Problem-oriented policing is a necessary component of policing.

  • The police are not only accountable to the community for their actions, but also the police and community can work closely together in new ways to solve the problems of crime and disorder. Law-abiding people in the community deserve input into the police process in exchange for their participation and support. 

  • Community policing relies on the establishment of a clear, unambiguous link of values to behaviors. 

The purpose of the police is to protect and serve. We protect by preventing crime, enforcing the law, and maintaining order. We serve by solving problems, resolving conflicts, and performing public safety and service activities.

  • It is better to prevent a crime than to put the resources of the Department into motion after a crime has been committed.  Preventing crime in the most effective way to create a safe environment.

  • We must continue to vigorously seek those who commit serious crimes. 

  • We must strive to maintain that degree of public order which is consistent with freedom, and which is essential if our diverse society is to be preserved. 

  • We can increase police effectiveness by attacking the underlying problems that give rise to incidents requiring police action. 

  • We will continue to respond to the various public service and safety needs of the community.

The members of the Police Department are it’s most valuable asset.

The input of our members in matters that impact job satisfaction must be sought.

Emergency: 911
Non-Emergency: (708) 385-2534