Garage Sale Permits


Garage sales are a supported activity and are a common occurrence in Midlothian as well as in other communities. Residents are requested to follow some simple guidelines required by the Village of Midlothian:
  • Any person who conducts a garage sale within the Village of Midlothian must first obtain a garage sale permit. Come to Village Hall before your sale to request a permit.
  • The cost of a garage sale permit is $2 per event.


  • No garage sale may be conducted over a period of more than three consecutive days.
  • No more than one garage sale shall be conducted on the same premises by the same household within any 12 month period. Participation in the annual M.A.R.S. (Midlothian Area Reuse Sale) does not require a permit and does not count toward the annual number of allowable garage sales.
  • No more than one sale can be held by a household within a seven-day period.
  • No person shall conduct any garage sale on premises not owned or leased by said person.
  • Sales cannot begin before 10:00 am, and must not continue later than 6:00 pm.

Contact Us

For questions or more information about garage sale permits, please contact Village Hall at (708) 389-0200.