What are your requirements for Commercial kitchen equipment inspections?

Requirements for Commercial kitchen equipment inspections include:

  1. Exhaust duct Weld Inspection is required prior to concealing the ductwork
  2. Anchor straps shots be in place the on the stove and fryer too prevent them from pulling away from the wall and damaging the gas lines.
  3. Fire Suppression System Dump Test
  4. This inspection is required prior to utilizing the kitchen exhaust hood and food heat processing appliances for cooking purposes. The system shall be tested in accordance with the appropriate NFPA Standard, and the installing contractor shall have the appropriate manuals to verify adequate flow rates per nozzle.
  5.  Due to the nature of commercial construction it is not uncommon to have separate inspections for both wall cover and ceiling cover. Also phase rough and final inspections are possible for projects.

Please email the Midlothian Fire Department Fire Prevention Officer or call (708) 752-8963 to schedule the inspection.

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