When do I schedule a new business / final for inspection inspection?

Although we may be able to accommodate you with an earlier fire alarm test, sprinkler test  or a general walk through and provide suggestions; a final inspection will ALWAYS be required.

A final fire inspection must be made when:

  • The permitted work is completed
  • The building department has approved all of their inspections
  • The health department has finished their inspections (if required)
  • Before being furnished, stocked, or occupied. (Exception: At the discretion of the Fire Chief or FPO, approval for furnishing can be granted if all fire protection systems are in service, and are monitored (if required)
  • And other items as deemed appropriate have been completed, (i.e. exit and emergency lighting, fire alarm systems, no open electrical, etc.) Tests and inspections for all required fire protection and alarm systems, exit and emergency lighting must be conducted before occupancy. A final inspection MUST be approved before occupancy.

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