RTA Access to Transit Grant

The work currently being done in the Transit-Oriented Development area near the Midlothian Metra Station is 100% grant funded, 80% through the Congestion Mitigation and  Air Quality Improvement Program, and the 20% local match is funded through the Regional Transportation Authority.  The grant was very specific as to where improvements could be made and had to be in close proximity to the Metra Station.  This grant is funding the removal and replaced of 8,542 square feet of sidewalk, the installation of 1,268 feet of crosswalks, and the installation of ADA Handicap Panels/Detectable Warnings at 68 locations.  The locations are along 147th Street from Pulaski to Central Park Avenue, Waverly from Hamlin to Ridgeway, Hamlin from 146th Street to Waverly, Avers from 146th Street to 147th Street, Abbottsford from 147th to Millard, Hamlin from Metra tracks to 148th Street, 147th Place from Pulaski to Prairie, 148th Street from Pulaski to Prairie, Prairie from 147th Street to 148th Street, Lawndale from 147th Place to 147th Street, and Central Park from 147th Street to 147th Place.  Pedestrian Lighting Improvements will also be made on 147th Street from Pulaski to Central Park.  The total amount of grant funding for this project is $979,999.50.  Any questions can be directed to Public Works Superintendent Joe Sparrey or Trustee Karen Kreis.