The Village of Midlothian Building Department strives to promote the general health, safety and welfare of the citizens of the Village of Midlothian. The Building Department is responsible for plan reviews, permits and inspections for construction projects as well as enforcing compliance with building and zoning codes.

The department is committed to guiding land development through a comprehensive planning process by implementing applicable codes and providing inspections for all phases of construction. The Building Department also strives to:
  • Provide effective code enforcement for aesthetic appearance
  • Maintain property values
  • Welcome new families and businesses

A drive through the neat, well-maintained neighborhoods of Midlothian reflects the pride Village residents take in their community. Village-sponsored beautification activities (such as M.A.R.S. and Clean-Up Days, and the Summer Pride yard contest), combined with citizens' interest in tidying up the Tartan Village, have contributed to the curbside appeal of Midlothian's residential areas. Housing designs and architectural styles vary and offer newcomers a wide selection to choose from - when they're available! Only about two percent of housing units are vacant in Midlothian at any time. Renters occupy a fifth of all housing units, the rest are owner-occupied.

Approximately half of existing homes were built between 1950 and 1969 - when the village saw its greatest boom in population growth - so homes along the tree-lined residential streets feature lush, mature landscaping. A little more than ten percent of homes have been built since 1980.

Many homes - about 20 percent - are 50 years old or older. These neat bungalows, cozy ranches and other period-style houses dot Midlothian's residential landscape to add to the historic charm of the village.

Building Permits
House building permits rose from 25 in 1981 to 74 in 1991; more significantly, while the number of permits tripled, their value almost quintupled - from $977,000 to $4,841,606 - demonstrating the tremendous growth in home values in Midlothian. Near the Midlothian Country Club, grand homes in the $300,000 plus price range look out over the golf course