Vehicle Stickers

2023-2024 Vehicle Sticker/Pet Tag sales will be sold in person, at Village Hall, beginning in April 2023. 

Vehicle Sticker/Pet Tag renewal application will be mailed to residents who previously purchased a Vehicle Sticker/pet tag this past year. Renewal forms will be enclosed with your quarterly water bill. 

In effort to avoid long lines, and to avoid USPS delays, and allows for efficient processing, we are encouraging residents to purchase their Vehicle Sticker/Pet Tag during your scheduled quarterly water bill month.

 Only Residents who receive their renewal form will be able to purchase their Vehicle Sticker/Pet tag at Village Hall.

 We highly encourage residents to purchase your Vehicle Sticker/Pet tag during your scheduled water billing month. However, residents will have until Friday, June 30, 2023, to purchase, and adhere them to your vehicle by midnight to avoid a citation.

 Residents who do not have water bills in their names or get a water bill mailed to them will have their renewals mailed out individually. 

 New resident ONLY. New residents can purchase a Vehicle Sticker/Pet tag in-person at Village Hall at any time. To obtain a Vehicle Sticker/Pet Tag, please provide the following:

  • Current vehicle's registration that reflects your Midlothian address.
  • Current rabies certificate 

New or additional vehicle is purchased, you will need to bring your registration information to the Village within 30 days.

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Power Point of 2023-2024 Sticker & Tag Info

Fee Structure:

  • Motorcycles / mopeds - $25
  • Passenger Auto, including passenger Vans - $30
  • Trucks less than 8,000 lbs. - $40
  • Trucks more than 8,000 lbs. - call for fee
  • Seniors age 65 and up - $5
    • Each senior, aged 65 or older as of July 1, is eligible to receive one (1) discounted sticker for a vehicle registered in senior’s name
  • July 1 - July  $10 Late Fee
  • August 1 - Price Doubles 

Contact Us

For questions or more information about vehicle stickers, please contact Village Hall 708-389-0200 option 5.