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Capital Improvements

2016 - Street Resurfacing Program
Over $1.9 million of street resurfacing will take place this summer as part of a project that involves a combination of Motor Fuel Tax money, a CDBG grant and 2 Surface to Transportation Program (STP) grants.*

A breakdown of how the project will be funded and a list of streets are as follows:


Grant Type

Grant Funds Awarded

Village MFT Funds

Total Project Cost

144th Street Resurfacing

Pulaski to Cicero

Surface Transportation Program (STP)




149th Street Resurfacing

Pulaski to Cicero

Surface Transportation Program (STP)




2016 Street Resurfacing Program

Various streets throughout the village.

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)








*Pending bid pricing

CDBG - Streets/Locations


 from 148th Place to 149th Street



 from 148th to 149th Street


St. Louis

 from 147th to 149th Street



 from 145th to 146th Street



 from 148th to 149th Street



MFT - Streets/Locations




Terrace Lane


149th Street

148th Street


Public Works Garage

144th Street


Central Park

Kolin Ave.






145th Street



145th Street



Alley W of Pulaski

148th Street

"T" Alley S of 147th



North of 14540



South of 14424

153rd Place

3713 153rd Pl


153rd Place

3905 153rd Pl



153rd Street

153rd Place

151st Street




149th Street

Terrace Lane

2015 - MFT Annual Street Resurfacing Program
The Village of Midlothian will be working diligently this fall to have some of our streets resurfaced. Weather permitting; we hope to have this completed before winter sets in.   In addition to road resurfacing there will be some curb repairs as well.

The streets to be improved as part of this project include:

 Spaulding Ave  145th to 147th
 146th St   St. Louis to Trumbull
 Millard Ave  146th to 147th
 Kolmar Ave  147th to 148th
 Kilpatrick Ave  147th North to near 146th
 Keating Ave   145th to 146th

2013 - Street Resurfacing Program
Over $500,000 of street resurfacing will take place this summer as part of project that involves a combination of Motor Fuel Tax money and a $200,000 CDBG grant.  Streets to be completed as part this year's project:

 148th St to 149th St
 149th St
 Kenton to Knox
 144th St 
 Kenton to Kolmar
 Crosswalk (15230) to 153rd St
 152nd Pl to 153rd Pl
 148th St to 148th Pl
 151st St to 152nd St
 152nd St
 Kilbourn to Kenton (north half of street) 
 143rd St to 144th St
 147th St to 147th Ct.
 147th Ct. (4900 block)
 Cul de Sac
 14441 to 145th St
 14324 to 144th St
 144th & Tripp
 143rd to 14311
 150th St
 Hamlin to Avers*
 148th St
 3736 to Hamlin*
 14430 to 145th St.*
 Central Park
 146th to 147th
 Trumbull to Homan
 Clifton Park
 147th to 148th
 147th Pl
 Hamlin to Central Park
 148th Pl
 Lawndale to Central Park

*Some streets on this particular list have been resurfaced in the recent past and have had some failure. The contractor will be addressing these problems. 

2011/2012 Projects

Water Main Replacement

A significant amount of deteriorated and undersized water mains were replaced primarily in the Northeast Quadrant of the Village. Three separate projects are planned:

  • 147th St Metra Station to Millard - This project was completed in the Fall of 2011.  We replaced the worst section of water main in the Village. It was funded partially with CDBG grant obtained by the Village in the amount of $100,000. The Village also will be receiving an addtional performance based grant of $100,000 from the program for the project.
  • Abbottsford Rd. 147th St to 145th St. - This project took place in the summer of 2012 as the Village has received $150,000 CDBG grant to help funding.
  • Mulitple Blocks of Water Main - This was the largest project by far and involved several blocks of replacement including 147th St , Waverly, Abbottsford and Hamlin to name a few.  Work began in April 2012. All that remains is Cicero Ave. 145th St to 147th St.  Review the entire Replacement Program.

Water Meter Replacement Program
In the Fall/Winter of 2011, the Village replaced approximately 80% of the water meters in the village. We upgraded to a fixed base system so that your meter will be read wirelessly to antennas located in strategic positions throughout the village. This allows us to read specific routes on demand and produce bills in a quick, efficient and accurate manner, thereby saving manpower and potentially changing our billing cycle to monthly or bi-monthly rather than quarterly. Your cooperation was greatly appreciated during this effort.

Natalie Creek Bridge Replacement
Over the last 50 years, Keystone, Karlov and Keeler have overflowed their banks bringing repeated flooding damage to residents nearby Natalie Creek. This long standing problem should be resolved with the completion of this much needed project. Recently all three streets have experienced collapses due to the deterioration of the corrugated metal pipe culverts that currently exist. Pouring dollars into temporary repairs was no longer an option and the village replaced the culverts with pre-cast bridges across the entire span of Natalie Creek thereby eliminating debris from blocking flow. The restrictive nature of the old culverts will no longer be a problem and while we still expect Natalie Creek to swell significantly during major storms we feel this improvement will not only bring flood relief to the immediate area, but also improve public safety as the streets will no longer be in danger of collapsing.