Accident Reports

Obtain a copy of an accident report online or contact the Support Services Unit.

Traffic Complaint Form

Report a concern about traffic or request a radar sign or officer.


The Midlothian Police Department is currently staffed by 28 full time sworn police officers, six part time police officers, six full time civilian employees, one part time civilian employee, and 10 crossing guards.


The department is organized as follows:

  • Detective Division
  • Office of the Chief of Police
  • Policing Services Division
  • Support Services Unit
  • Policing Services Division

Policing Services Division

This division consists of three watches organized by time of day whose purpose is to accomplish our primary objectives:

  • Apprehension of those who violate the law
  • Conflict resolution
  • Preservation of peace
  • Prevention and control crime
  • Problem solving
  • Protection of life and property

Detective Division

The primary function of the Detective Division is to conduct thorough investigations into reported criminal matters involving adults and juveniles.

Support Services Unit

The Support Services Unit is responsible for performing the Department's records and communication functions.