Vehicle Stickers

New Village Stickers Will Be Available for Purchase May 1st Each Year

Please remember to bring your renewal application when purchasing stickers. If you have not received your renewal application by the the second week of May please come to the Village Hall with your vehicle information or contact the Administration department.

Application Process

Applications will be mailed to residents at the end of April and will be available for purchase at Village Hall the first business day in May. Stickers can be purchased through June 30 at regular price. After June 30th you will be required to bring proof of purchase or proof of your move-in date if you wish to avoid incurring the penalty rate.

If you recently moved to Midlothian you will need to bring your registration information to the Village to register the first time.


All fees listed are for stickers purchased by June 30. For stickers purchased between July 1st and July 31st a $10 late fee will be added.** Tickets purchased after August 1st will be charged at double to original rate.**

**Late fee for Senior stickers is $10 (includes sticker cost).
  • Motorcycles / mopeds - $25
  • Regular motor vehicles, including passenger vans - $30
  • Seniors age 65 and up - $5
  • Trucks less than 8,000 lbs - $40
  • Trucks more than 8,000 lbs – call for fee.
If your sticker is lost or a replacement is needed due to the sale of a vehicle, a transfer sticker can be purchased for $2.

Contact Us

For questions or more information about vehicle stickers, please contact the Village Hall 708-389-0200.

Have a new car? Download a copy of our application to fill out and bring in. It will save you time at the window!